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Unique nature experience for learners

Friends of Kloofendal School programme

This is an ideal outing for learners from grade R to grade 12 run by the Friends of Kloofendal (FroK) using qualified field guides. This programme is aligned with the CAPS curriculum as summarised in the WESSA and WWF Eco-Schools Handbook (2013). With a focus upon life skills, social science, natural science and technology and life orientation, the Friends of Kloofendal schools program offers vital education for the next generation.

On the Nature Adventure Walks, learners are encouraged to explore the natural environment. With aid of the guide, the children will gain information about:

  • Insects, spiders, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals.
  • Habits and Habitats.
  • Adaptations of plants and animals – how they are adapted to their harsh environment.
  • The wonders of the plant kingdomThe interdependence of plants and animals.
  • The value of all our natural resources and their role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.
  • Human impact on the environment – e.g. harmful effect of Alien invasive plants on the natural environment, sewerage leaks, bush encroachment, habitat destruction

In case of rain, FroK has an indoor Adventure Programme where, inside the Kloofendal Ecological Centre, participants will be shown specimen from the reserve (each participant can choose what he/ she is interested in) and will be told fascinating stories about each one

FroK Schools Environmental Education

Curriculum based, experiential discovery

For all ages, boys & girls - grade 0 up to grade 12

We offer a programme for schools. Up to four groups of up to 20 learners are taken into the Reserve for field interpretation by our FGASA-qualified guides.

Inquire with Karin: 011-674-2980 & 072-595-6991

Friends of Kloofendal Education/Ecology Centre

which supplements the experience in the field

For more information and bookings

For more information on the FroK school programme and bookings, contact Frok on 079 693-5608 via phone or WhatsApp.