Nature Treasure Hunt

The Nature Treasure Hunt teaches the participants a number of skills including, basic map reading, teamwork, how nature works, overcoming challenges.

Participants are divided into teams of 3 participants. Each team is given a map with part of the reserve on it, with marked control points, and an accompanying question sheet – the questions are set according to the age group of the participants, adults or children. The participants must be able to read i.e. grade 4 upwards.

Each control point has a question with two suggested answers for the team to choose or to suggest alternative answers. The suggested answers might be one correct and one incorrect, at times both answers will be correct. The answers can be found by simple observation, reasoning, and basic knowledge. The control points on the route are a tree, rock, nest etc. related to the question and marked with a numbered red and white tag.

The courses are along paths, but the paths are rocky in places, so it is recommended that the participants wear sensible shoes, preferably running shoes. The teams must report to the Finish after completion of each course so that we know they are back. When everybody is back, we will discuss the questions and the merits of given or plausible answers.