FrOK WhatsApp Groups

FrOK use WhatsApp for communication of news and event details. If you would like to be a part of one of the following groups, please complete the form.

  • FrOK News – General news, event details, special events and updates to the reserve. (WhatsApp).
  • FrOK Snare & Dog – used to report any snares or dogs within the reserve.
  • FrOK Weeding Team – used to coordinate weeding efforts.
  • FrOK¬† Guides & Volunteers – used to coordinate events and activities within the reserve.

Only real names will be added, no nicknames or aliases. Please enter your telephone number in international format. Select the group you would like to be a part of by selecting the group option.

All groups are POPI compliant. You can remove yourself from any of these groups at any time.