Geology Walk

The Kloofendal Nature Reserve is located at the intersection of two major geological faults, the Rietfontein and Witpoortjie faults, creating geological complexity that brought the gold, ultimately leading to the establishment of Johannesburg.

  1. Introduction to the major geological events of the region, the Witwatersrand deposits, Bushveld and Vredefort impact structure.
  2. Walk up to the mine visiting several geological exposures along the way.
  3. Visit to the mine showing how the gold was deposited there. 

Below is a map of various interesting sites along paths.

The following PDF file has much more detail than the map above and has photographs taken at different sites to illustrate particular geological features:

  • Dipping strata & bedding planes
  • Crossbedding
  • Fault planes
  • Slickensides
  • Folding in Shale
  • A Boudinage
  • Quartz veins (some of many)
  • Fault Breccia
  • Dyke outcrop
  • Schist
  • A slate quarry
  • Ferricrete
  • Boxwork structures in magnetic shale