Koofendal Nature Reserve

Kloofendal Nature Reserve is a public facility managed by Johannesburg Cityparks and Zoo. 

As a public open space, Public Open Spaces Bylaws are applicable such as:

  • No consumption of alcohol. 
  • No Music.
  • No littering.
  • No balls or ball games. 

Entry into Reserve is free for groups up to 20 people. Groups of more than 20 people are required to book.

Bookings for the use of the Executive Lapa and Braai Lapa should be made with Johannesburg CityParks.

Visit the Johannesburg Cityparks and Zoo website at https://www.jhbcityparksandzoo.com/ 

For bookings of Kloofendal Nature Reserve facilities

Bookings for the use of the Kloofendal Nature Reserve facilities must be made with Johannesburg CityParks and Zoo, weekdays 8am to 4pm,  Nhlanhla Tlou cell 082-735-0601 or email stwala@jhbcityparks.com