Junior Ranger Programme


Friends of Kloofendal (FroK) Junior Ranger Programme Grade 1 to Grade 12

Aim of the programme: To help children to develop a sense of custodianship of all natural areas especially of the Kloofendal Nature Reserve where the programme is based.

How it works:

(1) Registration

On registering to partake in the Junior Ranger Programme, the booking form needs to be completed and proof of payment submitted.

Cost: R80 per aspirant FroK Junior Ranger

Once enrolled the aspirant Junior Ranger will be allocated a membership number which will be displayed on his/her personal Logbook. Information on the Junior Ranger requirements and the Logbook will be emailed to the applicant

Level 1 – Junior Ranger.

(2) The child is required to join in two guided nature walks on any topic of his/ her interest in Kloofendal and complete the relevant Guided Walk Question Booklet which will be provided at the walk. A R10 discount for all guided walks will be given to registered aspirant FroK Junior Rangers

(3) Participants of the programme are asked to study the displays in the FroK Environmental Education Centre in order to be able to answer the questions on the Junior Ranger questionnaire . The questionnaire is available on the website or in the FroK EE Centre from the Junior Ranger EE Officer, Anthea van der Zel.

Parents may be needed to help with the reading of questions and display information for the younger children.

Through participating in these activities the aim is for children to enjoy learning what all happens in a natural environment, what it consists of, how it functions, the wonders of it, how us humans need it, how each person can help towards its preservation.

(4) On completion of the two Guided Walk Questions booklets and the Junior Ranger Questionnaire, the aspirant Junior Ranger and his family will be invited to a certification ceremony. At this ceremony they will be asked to make the FroK Junior Ranger Pledge.

After the pledge the student will be issued with a level 1 Junior Ranger Certificate and the FroK level 1 Junior Ranger badge.

(5) On completion of level 1, level 2 and level 3 Junior Ranger Programmes will be offered; each of these levels requires 3 more guided walks and completion of the Guided Walk Question Booklets, also participation in various projects in Kloofendal.

FroK Junior Ranger Pledge

I promise to take care of Kloofendal Nature Reserve, and any natural place I might be in. I promise to keep it clean and free of any litter; obey its rules, and make sure other people obey the rules by not damaging anything, not picking or digging up plants, not removing any creature. I will respect all these creatures, learn more about them and their importance in nature because it affects me and other people.