Public facilities in the Amphitheatre

Contact Johannesburg City Parks (JCP) at 011-712-6600 or Sello on 011 712 6760 or stwala@jhbcityparks.com. Sello will very likely email you this document.

The Kloofendal Amphitheatre itself is used perhaps once per year for large concerts. Most of the time, however, it is quiet, clean and uncrowded. Most facilities are free for small groups. Consult with Johannesburg City Parks (JCP) at 011-712-6664/6614 for groups of 20 or more or if you want to hire facilities for your exclusive use.

Press here for the full document describing the cost of hiring and here for costs for Kloofendal.

(These costs could be a year or two out of date, but as of 17th January 2019, the link from here to fee structure was not operational.)

Open from 6:00 to 18:00 and no charge for groups of less than 20.

Note that the Ecological Centre is for Environmental Education only.

Braai and toilets, looking downhill, EcoCentre out of sight to the left.

  • Left: 4-fire braai facility
  • Right: Toilets and “braai lapa”. Entrances face the braai, gents left & ladies right

Executive lapa, looking uphill

Key to facilities in the Amphitheatre

P – Parking
Sm – Stamp Mills
T – Toilets
B – Braai
E – Ecological Centre
S – Stage
L – Executive Lapa
sl – Small lapas / benches.
M – Main gate leading to dam and mine and beyond
G – Top gate leading to paths into the Reserve

Prices as per JCPZ web site (as hyperlinked on 19th February 2018)

City Parks form for hire of facilities

Facilities are hired subject to the City by-laws and subject to a long list of Terms and Conditions in the booking form. Unless the facilities are booked, the lapas and braai area may be used at no charge for groups of less than 20 people.

The booking form for downloading is on the right. Phone 011-712-6600 for an email address to which it should be sent.

Amphitheatre for concerts etc for more than 500 people

R 43 930 (??) per day (Additional for setup days and less per day for multiple days)

(Prices valid until June 2017, as per latest information on www.jhbcityparks.com )

This requires permission from Johannesburg’s Joint Operations Committee (JOC)

By-laws, rules and regulations

From an EIA exemption application dated 6 April 2006. The building was completed in September 2006.

Proposed Activity (of the Ecological Centre):

The Ecological Centre was built as an Upgrade of the Kloofendal Nature Reserve, in accordance with the overall vision of conservation of the area’s natural and cultural resources and enhancement of its educational value. The upgrade will comprise of a multi-purpose environmental education facility (information centre, research, display, environmental and conference area and staff offices).

City Parks form for hire of facilities

The Friends of Kloofendal have received many complaints about noisy and abusive functions in the Amphitheatre. Our main concerns are that these abuses will inhibit people from going to the Nature Reserve for the peace and quiet of a natural environment. Our guided walks could become non-sustainable.
Please help us to stop these abuses happening. Please address your complaints, with a copy to us, to:

City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality

The Public Open Spaces by-laws include:

13. No person may within a public open space –
(d) consume, brew, store or sell any alcoholic beverage;
(e) use any sound equipment, including a radio, portable hi-fi or car stereo;
(f) play an active (ball) game;

Exceptions to the noise regulations can be given for “special events” which are defined as “parade, procession, race, concert, show, exhibition, festival, ceremony, film shoot, photographic shoot or similar event, which requires, for that purpose, exclusive use of a part of a public open space.” Private or company parties are NOT included in this list.

Permission for special events is given by Johannesburg’s Joint Operations Committee (JOC) and is not very easily obtained.

The standard event booking form for Kloofendal from City Parks includes the following Terms and Conditions (T&Cs):

5. Noise must be limited or reduced to a level that does not disturb peace and tranquil ambiance of the reserve and the surrounding environment or neighboring properties.
6. Outdoor high output sound systems are not allowed on site as they may cause unwarranted distress to wild animals.
10. Driving of quad bikes and vehicles on grasslands is NOT allowed except emergency vehicles.
12. The By-laws that govern behavior within a protected area must be observed at all times.
16. Please take note that the event scheduled must end at 18:00. Should such time limit not be adhered to, it will result in the deposit being forfeited to Johannesburg City Parks and the user being ejected from the premises.